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Yesterday I took Loki back to his home in North Andover, after a valedictory walk around the block. When he jumped out of the car, he let out a bark of delight on finding himself on his own doorstep. I had got lost on my way there, despite Google, as there are two Ballardvale Roads in Wilmington and I took the wrong one, so I had to be talked in. Loki and his companions live in an old house partly built in the 1690's and part in (if I remember right) 1709. I didn't see any of the kitty-cats, who were hiding upstairs. I had a good time visiting with L. and G., just back from Hawaii. Loki occupied the middle of the couch, was given a biscuit, and spent the rest of the afternoon in scowl and growl mode.

This morning I heard that the fiscal "cliff" bill passed the House, despite almost 2/3 of the Republicans voting against it. I have mixed feeling about that, and think we would have done better if no bill had passed. Tax increases are now ruled out when they are most needed, and another debt ceiling crisis is right around the corner. This is not going to end well for any of us.

Oh, well. Back to work.
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We are all here in upstate New York: my brother, my nephew, my friend M, my father, and I. I am camped out in the living room with Loki, who seems to have spent most of the night exploring my father's house and growling at things. He kept coming back to me and snorting, so my night's sleep was intermittent. It's the return of Hyperdog. I had forgotten how much Loki loves exploring new worlds and new civilizations.

But now that it's morning and I'm awake, he's back under his blanket, quiet as a mouse.

Mouse. That's probably the problem; this house has mice. Mice are the ultimate laser pointer as far as Loki is concerned, and they're nocturnal, which means I shouldn't expect much sleep tomorrow night, either.

I'm more amused than annoyed, though.
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I managed to get Loki out this morning despite the miserable weather by using the smoke detector trick. Unfortunately, giving him a few minutes afterwards to try to kill the smoke detector didn't satisfy him, and he was still obsessing about the thing when I got home from work this afternoon. I gave him some broccoli off my pizza, and he's now curled up under his multicolored shawl on the couch next to me.

Tomorrow I have to go visit my father, and will be taking Loki along. We'll be coming back Sunday afternoon, weather permitting.

Loki vs. smoke detector: #1 #2 #3
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...I discover how to get Loki to go outside in the rain.

This min-pin is very smart, very stubborn, and hates rain. He'll come to the threshold of the open door and refuse to go through it. The more I coax him, the more he backs up into the house.

This morning I tried my Hurricane Irene tactic: carry him to the car and drive him to the Route 128 underpass on Central Avenue. It never rains under Route 128, and he'll get out and walk around a bit. But this method is of limited practical application.

Tonight I took the smoke detector off the wall, brought it to the door, and held it outside. Loki hates the smoke detector and one of his fondest desires is to kill it. He followed it -- and me, since I had it in my hand -- all the way to the street. I then slipped the smoke detector into the pocket of my trenchcoat. He walked with me down to the corner, did his business, and followed me back to the house. I then took the smoke detector out of my pocket, put it on the floor, and let him have at it for a while. It's too big for him to bite and impervious to his claws, so after a few minutes he backed up and let loose a flood of high-pitched barking, whereupon I scooped up the detector and returned it to its mount on the wall. Mission accomplished.

Now I'm sitting on the couch and getting snorted at.
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Today I took Loki on a field trip. I had to go deal with a weather radio reception problem at the Hope Valley site -- they're required to monitor the NWS for evil weather warnings -- so I took the dog along to see how he handles long periods of time in the car. He got restless and whiny on the way down, but lay down on his blanket and drifted off to sleep on the way back. Of course, before we could leave Hope Valley he insisted on thoroughly exploring the site.

He's burrowed himself under a comforter on my bed. He doesn't like December much more than I do.

I'm glad to see that he's back to barking again. For the first couple days he was here he made nary a sound.

He'll be with me for another couple weeks, while his usual human companion is out of town.

Now I need to get new batteries for the flashlight.


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