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I wish I could get across to some people on one of my broadcast mailing lists that there is essentially no difference between someone who works for a company the size of Verizon and someone who works for, say, the Department of State. Neither has any incentive to give us ordinary mortals the time of day, and both can make our lives miserable with the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse.

I have spent days trying to get Verizon Wireless to transfer seven telephone numbers from the seller's account to ours, so we can keep using them when we take over the radio stations next month. Verizon is contorting itself in spectacularly perverted ways in order not to cooperate. I have spent hours on the phone with them to no avail. Their latest suggestion is that I go personally to one of their stores. I will try that later today, after stopping by the post office to submit another passport application after the State Department summarily denied my last one on Saturday.

The Trump-loving curmudgeons on the mailing list were ranting the other day against DAB, the digital radio system that Norway has deployed to replace FM radio in that country, calling it "socialist" because it forces all radio stations in a local area to use the same transmitter, insuring they all have precisely the same coverage. This is, of course, "un-American", unlike, say, cable television, where all the TV stations have the same coverage because they all go where Comcast's cable goes, and not an inch farther. But while Comcast may be the most hated company in America, the Norwegian government is the GOVERNMENT. That's socialism!

Ironically, transferring the seller's Comcast accounts to our company has been quite painless so far.

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Lily Tomlin nailed it decades ago: "We're the phone company. We don't care. We don't have to."

Also, you can get that shared transmitter thing without anyone mandating it: six of the seven VHF stations in New York City went off the air simultaneously on September 11, 2001, because they had each individually made the decision to use the tallest available transmitter. When they went back online, it was from the same transmitter that the one station that hadn't been knocked off on September 11 was already using. (People in my neighborhood were paying for cable, because we didn't have line-of-sight of either of those two tallest buildings in the city. Over the air, I could get Univision and I think a home shopping network.)
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And when I lived in New York there was a long argument/fight over Fordham University building a new, much taller transmitting tower for WFUV, because people complained it would ruin the view from the Botanical Garden. (That's up in the Bronx.)


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