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Amtrak's last remaining full-length dome car, Ocean View, is running in one of the Downeaster train sets between now and the middle of September. I rode it last Saturday, and it's on this train right now. It would have been more enjoyable earlier in the summer when the days were longer; as I type this, it's almost too dark to see anything.

The Downeaster is a very comfortable ride and usually runs on time -- this year, anyway; last year it was all bolluxed up due to track work by the successor to the old Boston and Maine Railroad, which, believe it or not, calls itself Pan Am Railways and uses the old airline logo.

I love New England. There is so much to see and experience here. I keep finding new gems, like the magnificent stone train station in Laconia, NH, where I had lunch while visiting a radio station where I did some work. They had passenger rail service from Boston until 1965. I am always surprised to see a stone station on the ex-B&M; the ex-New York Central Boston & Albany line had quite a few of them, but the B&M trended more toward wooden stations, most of which haven't survived.

Are we running late? That's what I get for writing that this train is usually on time. I am meeting J. for dnner, after which I'll get to see J's kitty cats, Victoria and Sadie, also known as the Calico Cabal.


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